GetOffaMyCloud.net is a good name for this web site. Imagine a cloud computing environment that is free, whose protocol and infrastructure is Open Source, and whose computing resources are distributed in a grid through peer-to-peer computer sharing (P2PC). Peer-to-Peer Cloud is an infrastructure that has yet to be built that allows regular Joes (Janes) like you and me to make some money by contributing their computer resources to a cloud grid. The P2PC protocol takes care of providing the cloud’s services.

Remember you heard it here first: SunKing2 June 7, 2009. I’ll be a trillionaire for inventing this. Send money. LOL.

Confused? You know how people have their own windmills and power generating stations on their farms and such and can sell power back to the Power Company? Well this is the same. We all have excess computing power on our desktops, so we should sell some back to the Cloud Computing company. Perhaps we can sell it to Amazon EC2 or Google App Engine but why not just create a huge cloud computing infrastructure that’s open and free. Free as in free software foundation free.


About SunKing2

Former web developer, guitar player, started Piano 2012 -yes still doing it! Recovery, sobriety, mental health advocate.
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One Response to P2PC

  1. Jay says:

    Sort of a more general version of Folding @ Home…that's a great idea! There'd need to be some mechanism for making sure data was replicated enough times across the cloud to survive the loss of peers. It'd be an interesting research problem.

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