Google webmaster tools wordpress: How To Verify A site with Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools and WordPress: How To Verify A site with Google Webmaster Tools

Here’s How:

You are probably staring in Google Webmaster Tools Home, and see your site sitting there waiting to be verified.  You probably already did Add a site… and you see Verify this site.

When you click on Verify this site, Google is telling you that you can insert a meta tag into your head section of the HTML but you don’t think so.  Think again!

The other option it is suggesting isUpload an HTML file but you really doubt this, because you have some sense that the .html file name will not be preserved in WordPress.  You are probably right… read on…

  1. Go to the Google Webmaster tools page.  If you are not already there, it is here:
  2. This brings you to Google Webmaster Tools Home.  In the sites section, Click on Verify this site.
  3. This brings you to Google’s Webmaster Central – Verify Ownership page.    There is a drop-down list box that says Verification method.  The options are:
    • Meta tag
    • Upload an HTML file
    • something about DNS
  4. Select Meta tag
  5. It then says Copy the meta tag below, and paste it into your site’s home page. It should go in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.  Copy it by selecting it and right clicking on the selected area.
  6. (In a new tab) go to, sign in and click on My Dashboard.  On the left-hand menu click on Tools.
  7. On the WordPress Tools page for your site, under the item that says Webmaster Tools Verification enter the entire meta tag into the textbox that’s labelled Google Webmaster Tools
  8. Hop back to the Google Webmaster Tools page for your site (which if you are any kind of webmaster, you have open in a separate tab), and click verify.   Done!
  9. Leave me a comment of thanks 🙂

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7 Responses to Google webmaster tools wordpress: How To Verify A site with Google Webmaster Tools

  1. thenthdoctor says:

    Awesome. My eyes didn’t even move to the main content area when I clicked Tools, all I saw was the short list of sub-options in the left-hand menu. Thank you!

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for this, saved me a lot of time trying to work it out 🙂

  3. theclimbingcyclist says:

    Awesome stuff. I’d been searching for this for months and, thanks to you, I’ve finally found it. Thanks 🙂

  4. leviacarmina says:

    thank you for the information. But as my blog is young yet, it isn’t relevant for the moment. But patience, patience !

  5. Robert Lew says:

    Thanks, dude! I have done this several times, but it doesn’t stick in my brain. I need a tool. Maybe I’m a tool. HAHA

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