Winmerge Replacement for Linux Ubuntu?

Sure you love Winmerge. It shows differences in files, side by side. Very visual. But is there a file compare utility for ubuntu that is like Winmerge? Read on…

Is there a Winmerge for ubuntu? Yes. It’s called meld. To install it, just issue the command
sudo apt-get install meld
It’s like a visual diff for ubuntu. Very slick. As mfpost said,

Meld is cool. It really makes windiff look like a sad piece of trash. Score one for Linux.

meld screenshot

Meld screenshot


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Former web developer, guitar player, started Piano 2012 -yes still doing it! Recovery, sobriety, mental health advocate.
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2 Responses to Winmerge Replacement for Linux Ubuntu?

  1. Jorge Caraballo says:

    Muchas gracias por tu aporte!!! De verdad muy agradecido!!! 😀
    Thank you very much!!! I am very grateful with you 🙂 🙂

  2. bytebender says:

    “sad piece of trash” That is awesome! I am new to ubuntu/linux but I am absolutely loving it. I use ubuntu on my 8+ year old laptop to do my android development. It has been running like a new machine. Thanks for the post.

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