Yugoslavia and Pluto are gone: Changes since the Seventies

  • The Soviet Union: Now there are a ton of countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
    and a few other -istan
  • Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia: Now we have Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and others
  • The solar system had 9 planets.  Pluto is no longer a planet
  • Persons in the United States whose ancestry traces to Africa were called Negros and later Black for a few years
  • Electrical outlets: never had polarity.  Two pin plugs could be plugged in any way you like.  And I think 2 pin outlets were common (without the ground wire).

About SunKing2

Former web developer, guitar player, started Piano 2012 -yes still doing it! Recovery, sobriety, mental health advocate.
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