Electricity in Ottawa History: Brault 1946 p136-137

“In 1874, streets were lit nightly, and two years later, oil lamps entirely disappeared to be replaced by 217 gas lamps costing $3,906 annually.

“Ordinary houses were lighted with candles, then with oil, then with gas and afterward with electricity. If Pembroke was the first city to use electricity for street lighting (October 8, 1884), Ottawa was a close second, as on November 4 following, the City authorized the “Royal Electric Light Co. to produce light by electricity” and early in 1885, this company offered the city to install 165 arc light lamps at $80. each per year. To compete with the above mentioned firm, an Ottawa Organization, the Ottawa Electric Light Co.,(footnote:the Ottawa Electric Light Co., and the Chaudière Electric Co., incoroporated in 1887, amalgamated with Standard Electric Co. and took the name of Ottawa Electric Co. which became Ottawa Light, Heat & Power Co.) was hurridly formed and was granted the contract. In 1894, the city established for its own use, a lighting plant costin $250,000 and eleven year after, bought the Consumer’s Electric Company, before it amalgamated with the Ottawa Electric Company. These two companies had been engaged in a war of rates since the incorporation of the Consumers’ in 1901, and early in 1905, there were indications that they might come together to form a monopoly. Realizing this situation, the Corporation wisely and without hesitation, acquired the rights of the latter company for the sum of $200.000(sic) on May 17, by virtue of a certain clause which the City had inserted into the Consumers’ Electric Company’s Charter. Since that date, the City successfully sells power to citizen consumers under the name of Municipal Electric Department which was changed, in 1915, to Ottawa Hydro-Electric Commission.
“At first the Municipal Electric Department was administered by a City Council Committee, as any other municipal department but its accounts were kept separately. When the Board of Control was organized, in 1907, it tookover this administration which, 8 years later, was transferred to 3 commissioners.

(my note: the real names that I know about were probably Standard Electric Company of Ottawa (Limited), Ottawa Hydro Electric Commission, Chaudière Electric Light and Power Company (perhaps without the accent).


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