Can’t write to Windows Partition ntfs in Arch Linux Solution

Even as root, you cannot create a file on the ntfs partition, and you cannot copy a file to it.  Why?

Well install ntfs-3g.

sudo pacman -S ntfs-3g

and when it installs it tells you 2 things that you should not be afraid to do.  The first is run modprobe from the command line.  This command runs instantly with no problems, hassles.  And the 2nd is to modify a conf file.  Don’t worry because as soon as you do the pacman command it tells you very clearly how to do these.

Now when you mount your volume you can

sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda7 /home/louie/documents/prog

That’s all.  Make sure to leave a comment just to send some love 😉


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10 Responses to Can’t write to Windows Partition ntfs in Arch Linux Solution

  1. Ziyan says:

    really appreciated XD
    you probably don’t know how much you’ve helped me out of this frustration XD

  2. oh my god that took me for ever to find on Google.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, thank u very much!

  5. cristobal says:


  6. Thanks for that. I was just about going mad, looking at the output of ‘mount’ – it said mounted read/write, I was root, the output of ‘ls -l’ indicated I had permission to write to a file, but it kept failing. Now it’s mounted as ntfs-3g and it’s working perfectly – thanks 🙂

  7. MrRoberts says:

    That’s cool. How can I auto-mount it via KDE?

    • Anonymous says:

      edit /etc/fstab (as root so do a sudo to edit it)
      1. Create a folder called windowsstuff at your home directory (for me /home/louie)
      2. Add the following line (your line will be different depending on the sda#, and your username):
      /dev/sda7 /home/louie/windowsstuff ntfs-3g defaults 0 0

  8. gpsy says:

    Thanks! 😉

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