How to load multiple soundfonts into QSynth (or FluidSynth)

Well once you realize that “offset” really means “bank” and that if you want to be able to see your newly added soundfont, you have to give it a “bank” number that’s not already used, it’s easy.


Oh and of course you probably already realized by now that a channel is nothing more than a way for your (keyboard) controller to select the new soundfont, and that you should have each sound font on a separate channel (although you’ll find that a soundfont with a few nifty sounds will occupy more than one channel).

Here’s how:

It doesn’t matter if you have a ton of sound fonts loaded into your “engine” or not, do this:  Click on channels and make a note of all the bank numbers that are listed there.  Mostly it will be bank 0 or 1 or 10 or something, usually mostly they are under 11.  Now make note of what banks aren’t on that list (such as the first one over say 10).  For me, I found that 14 wasn’t on that list.  Great.  It will become the fake bank number of the sound font that I cannot seem to see.

Now right click on your engine, click setup, and click soundfonts tab and then (add the new soundfont if you didn’t), then RIGHT click on that sound font (the one that gave me all the trouble), and change its offset to 14.  I think you get the picture.  It’s smooth sailing from here.  Now in case you are still mystified… here’s the rest for completeness:

Click OK or save in the usual way and it may re-start the Qsynth.  Ok now click on channels.  Right click on the channel that you want to (overwrite and ) assign.    Click edit, then look at the banks on the left, and there’s your shiny new 14!  Yippie.  You know what to do.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! That is great!

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