2012, The World Has Already Changed

There’s a slew of technology out this year, that although a lot of it kind of existed before this year, this is the year where it becomes widely available.  Let’s start with everyone having access to the means of production (ie factories).  You can create your great idea using say Google’s sketch tool, then upload your sketch to one of the many web sites that will make your product for you and it gets delivered to your doorstep.  Cost?  As low as 25 bucks.

That’s nothing.  This year will see the beginning of many people owning their own 3-D printers, where they can basically create a product on their own desktop.

OK Mind control.  This is real, folks.  I’ve seen some videos last year on early mind control, but a company has created a small helicopter (one of those many tiny helicopters you see on youtube) that you can control with your mind.  Available just months from now.

Now Virtual Reality.  It’s been around in name for years.  But I think a few products are coming out (glasses/headsets) that will bring it to a new level in realism.

Regarding everyone being able to make whatever they desire at home, or even make 10,000 of them or start a company themselves making that stuff, read the book, just published,  “Making It”


About SunKing2

Former web developer, guitar player, started Piano 2012 -yes still doing it! Recovery, sobriety, mental health advocate.
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