Afternoon Forest Walk

The twisted, broken trees stretched their arms before us sending a notice to all that this was their home and that outsiders were not welcome.  The humid air combined with the rich sweet odors created a blanket of stifling air which we had to cut through on every step.  The birds in the trees and the insects with their chirping, buzzing and humming were announcing the arrival of an enemy, including the details such as its location, its size and where it was heading.

Through all of this we pursued, unabated by the environment which conspired to keep us out.  Our chopping, our walking and our relentless pace dislocated many species with every step.  We would go on undeterred, trying hard to ignore the heat, the foliage which irritated our skin, and taking revenge on the forest for the flies that bit at our faces.

Though I had seen a map and knew we would not be far from a clearing, I had this intense fear that this hellish pursuit would go on forever and we would lose our strength, becoming enfeebled with thirst and fatigue, and ultimately succumb to this vegetative enemy.

Our path revealed and uncertain goal, winding first in one direction and then another.  The wet forest floor and the multitude of small pools of water made it impossible to escape the discomfort of wet feet though we made our best effort to avoid them.  It was only by our determination that we were driven to go on.  – (c) Louie v. 2013

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