The Power Supply of Behringer Xenyx 802 and Eurorack UB802, UB502, UB1002, 502, 1002

Here are the specs: USA/Canada model: 18.5VACX2 250mA.   Here are the pinouts with diagram and voltages.

My PSU measurements are in AC volts, there is a negligible voltage between the metal connector and any pin, and I checked for DC voltages in all combinations, and found none.  These are AC voltages!  Also note, that the power supply says something about a 3V 100 mA output, but there is absolutely no evidence of it.


My power supply came with my Xenyx802 and it is labeled “Eurorack power supply”.  I found that a bit odd.  Here are the other labels:

INPUT: 120V~60Hz 14W
OUTPUT 1: 18.5V~ X2 250mA
OUTPUT 2: 3V~ 100mA

The voltages are :left pin to center pin: 20.7VAC
right pin to center pin: 20.7VAC
left pin to right pin: 41.9VAC
(no other measurable voltages anywhere).

I own both a Eurorack UB802 and a Behringer Xenyx 802, and the PSU which is pictured above, says on it MXUL3 (this is not a typo), is from the Xenyx 802, and works on either mixer.

Here is what the user manual to the Xenyx 802 says about the Power supply:

—————– >8  user manual start ——————

Power consumption 13 W

Adapter: Behringer PSU MX3UL (yes, this is not a typo)
mains voltage 120V~,60Hz

Adapter Behringer PSU MX3EU
Mains voltage 230V~, 50Hz.

—————– >8  user manual end ——————

Here are a few weird things I have noticed.

1. There really is no 3V rail that is used on the power supply

2. There are many variations of power supplies out there, some say 3V, others leave it off, some say 13W

3. With a Eurorack with no power supply, I have great interest in creating one.  One day I plugged an 18 Volt AC supply into two pins, and the Eurorack seemed to function.  My guess is the other two pins are for the phantom supply.  When I say “seemed to function”, it seemed to mix all channels to the main mix bus, with no problems, and no noticeable distortion.

3. I was tired of a mixer with only two pre-amps so I connected the two mixers together using only one power supply.  It was a simple matter of connecting the power supply line from one mixer’s preamp to the same place on the other mixer.  The reading on the first pre-amp was about 23 or 24 volts DC.  I used only two wires, one for positive, other for negative.  The funny thing is that the 2nd mixer works beautifully, and I tried ALL its functions, except phantom power, and the interesting thing is that the 2nd mixer’s heatsink was very very cool.  So my guess is that there is a circuit which creates the phantom power that accounts for almost all of the heat generated by these little mixers.  Just an interesting observation.

4. Noting item 4 above, my guess is a similarly connected 24 volt DC supply might possibly power one of these machines, and bypass all that circuitry that makes things hot.

5. If you read this, please leave a thanks, share the luv!  🙂


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45 Responses to The Power Supply of Behringer Xenyx 802 and Eurorack UB802, UB502, UB1002, 502, 1002

  1. seth says:

    Thanks for the post.
    My xenyx 802 adaptor is burnt and cant get another one in the retail store round town. I want to buy a laptop charger of 18.5v to construct. Now the confusing part is d 3 wires red,green and black in the xenyx 802 power pack. Please which wire am i to connect to the laptop charger with just a red and white. Thanks

  2. leonardo tello says:

    saludos tengo la mezcladora berhinger 802 y su ac power pero se trozo el cable de la entrada y trae 3 cablesitos rojo blanco y negro, quisiera saber como van conectados porque la entrada que se trozo se me perdio y no se como van conectados a la mezcladora

  3. My two cents (of euros!) – it (502 xenyx mixer) works even with an ac adaptor of only 13.5V – and everything (phantom, gain etc.) works with just two wires connected – probably don’t even matter which ones except one would have to be the upper one.

    • Red Fox says:

      Darko, hello. To which two pins you have connected power supply? I have got the 502 mixer without power adapter and now looking for solution on how to get it to work.

  4. ken says:

    Great idea, I was looking for exactly the manipulation you highlighted because I lost my power pack. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thnks a lot for info, Rick

  6. M woodring says:

    Thank you for the spot on info.

  7. Anonimous says:

    Hi, thanks God for the info. It helped me construct the ac power supply since i refuse to buy it. With so many power supply adapters i just needed to know its values. It was really helpful. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    U acquired a Eurorack ub802 from a friend which had no power supply and before I invested in a power supply I needed to make sure the mixer worked. Your post was very informidable and very helpful. I used an old hp laptop power supply output ~20vdc hardwired to the mixer and it seems to operate without flaw so far. Thank you for post.

  9. Anonymous says:

    and the 3v 100ma ?

    • SunKing2 says:

      There isn’t any. The label on cheap Chines power supplies sometimes claim that there is is 3v in there somewhere, but there is not. It is just lousy quality control. If you are wiring your own supply, there is no 3v anywhere, so don’t try to make one.

  10. Eric mootz says:

    I highly appreciate your time, and allowing people to be able to find the right voltages, so they can just use a power supply allready owned, especially when I only paid $5 for it at the swap meet. Much peace, and respect towards you. Eric mootz

  11. Alex says:

    Hey thanks…that explain lots of things…I don’t know where is the quality control of Behringer, I’m so frustrated with heating situation and an annoying hum that just made me put the mixer in its box and didn’tt plugged it I am saving to get a Mackie or Yamaha…aggrrr..!!!

  12. JWSM says:

    Thank you
    I’m gonna work on this right now.
    But before I start I should ask the obvious.does this work on the mx602 ?
    I’ll check 1st before starting this idea.
    At any rate,thank you for sharing this info as its crazy spending $ on proprietary adapters that most comp’s employ an array of vast psu’s for their products, to make more $ on residual accessories.
    Appreciate you Sharing this info

    • SunKing2 says:

      Hi, and thanks. Yes, this wiring is for the mx602a mixer also. It seems, according to google search, that power supplies for the mx602a work on all the models I listed in my article.

      • Gary Pesowski says:

        You appear to have a really good handle on this area. I’m attempting to mix two mics, one needing a phantom supply, into a Canon DSLR as the recording device. Do you know of a portable mixer which is powered by battery which can handle my needs. I used to be up on this but it’s been too many years. Any help would REALLY be appreciated. Otherwise, it’s inverter and big 12 V battery. thanks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi…. i have a behringer xenyx 802, i was using it for a while and the power supply stop work, so i buy a new one and now only the phantom light is on. Whats the problem???

  14. Denis says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have the Behringer 1202FX mixer, using it for few years with no problem. Lately, the FX indicator was not comming on when i power the unit, but next time or the next day that i use it, it was fine.
    Now the FX part (fx indicator window) stoped working and i get a humm on the speekers.
    Any suggestion of how to fix it?
    Thanks for your time and effort,
    Denis, Greece

  15. Denis says:

    Hi Mark Atherton,
    Thank you for the respond. I meassure today the voltage and i get 16.5V from right and 16.5V from left pin, with top pin ground. Now, the FX indicator window will NOT turn ON. At first, some months ago, If it turned ON ( the F/X) from the start, (powering the unit) it stayed ON for the duration of my work.
    But now will not turn ON and i get a humm on the speakers and, i can NOT use the mixe.
    One other thing i notice, when i turn the phantom power ON, the unit turn itself OFF. I have to unplug it and plug it again to turn in ON. Any way, i don’t need the phantom power,never use it. Do you have any idea of what is wrong with the F/X of my mixer? Do you think is repareable or i have to trush it?
    Thanks again for your time and effort,
    Denis, Greece

  16. Mark Atherton says:

    Thanks for your posting. Power input appears to be a bridge rectifier, and is expecting a centre tapped transformer so you can feed in +- 24V DC or 18-0-18V AC, but you really do need the ground reference pin. If you deed in single 48VDC or 36VAC and the supplies go out of balance, you may hear a loud pop as one of the input caps goes bang. Phantom power appear to be derived from a small switching step-up power supply. — Mark, New Zealand

  17. Denis says:

    Can someone help me with the connection of the 3 wires comming out of the power unit for the 1202fx?.. they are 3 wires for the left-top-right connecting pins. The power unit has a red-yelow and blue wires comming out of the power unit. Looking the mixer from behind, witch one gose to left-top and right pin? Thanks in advance for your time and help,

  18. Chris says:

    I have a eurorack 802 I got for free but the power supply is dead.

    It says 2*18.5~/350ma

  19. Juan M. says:

    For power supply input 230v ac. What its the voltage output? I need the configuration connection for console Beringer UB802 ?? if you can helpme. i will glad. Thanks.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info.

  21. olegario says:

    hello. is there a way to make an extension cable for the psu3 -eu?? i cant’ figure this out… it is posible to use any 3 pin min din cable as an extension or there will be issues with electric power??

  22. Randall York says:

    Thanks. I purchased a Xenyx Q802USB in March and I noticed the power adapter had a female port (center pin) as well… Any idea what that is meant for? (I found nothing in the Behringer manuals)

  23. Todd Boyle says:

    Question for electronic engineers: Suppose we have a standard bridge rectifier, followed by a voltage regulator such as LM7815 which then supplies 15v to the mixer, preamp, ec. Now, what if I just buy a big Li Ion battery around 21 volts and insert this raw voltage AFTER the bridge rectifier and BEFORE the voltage regulator. Do I have to disconnect the bridge rectifier? Will it be damaged, or suck up my current from my battery?

    • Eric mootz says:

      You would not want to disconnect your bridge rectifier, it is what converts your AC to DC and a battery needs to be charged with DC voltage since it is DC.

  24. jeffremus says:

    I found a replacement LOCKING power connector on ebay. We would all agree this connector would be better suted on a computer at home not on an instrument live in stage.

  25. Good work keep it up

  26. nana agyemang says:

    please what is the voltage of XENYX 1002FX PRE AMP MIXER adopter?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys,
    if the pins have broken in the connector of your mains adaptor and your good ( dont have to that good) with a soldering iron use a pair of nail clippers and slowly cut the outer sheath of the connector then get a pair of pliers and pull the steel sleeve leaving you with and other black sleeve to cut LEAVE THE PIN CONNECTER INTACT you need that to see where the wires solder just cut along the bottom plastic sleeve and cut it not to deep at a time and use your finger nails to prise it apart ,keep cutting not to deep and trying to prise it apart finally there might be a bit if tape covering the wire unwind the tape an you should be left with the tiny top piece where the broken pins are and you should be able to see where the wires solder to what pins. and you need to wire the new connector the same way, Make sure the wires dont touch each other or metal sleeve,
    Hope this helps,
    This is only a guide do the work at your own risk ( Take your time and all should be well )
    I saved myself $73.00 on the price they wanted for a new adaptor the part only cost me $1.99 on ebay ( 3 Pin Mini Din ) for 2 dollars it was worth a try
    Good luck

  28. Ric Helm says:

    I just acquired a Behringer 1202FX without a power supply. In searching the web it appears that Behringer has a serious problem with the reliability of their power supplies. Pins breaking, the supply unit failing and appears on many of the different models.
    Perhaps it is better not to use the Behringer OEM power supply….

    Thankx for the pinout info. I will be adding an on/off switch inline with the power supply..And that @$)*$ Blue LED? I am replacing with a larger value resistor.

  29. rabahya says:

    would it be possible that the power supply is only giving one side power only? I have only right channel working. Power button off but 48v light on and everything seems to work but in mono (right channel only).

  30. @Geoff thank you for your post for providing indepth information.
    With this i was able to build my own psu for my UB802 (bought one, psu was missing) for under 10 bucks.

    I imagined that it needs to be 2*18v to supply the Phantom Power (2*18V * 1.41 = about 50V minus diode losses equals around 48V)
    But it seems that it is regulated to +-15V and than converted to +48 with an step-up circuitury, right ?

  31. billybrah says:

    Man, the 1 pin broke on my mxul3, so I ordered a 3-pin mini DIN connector. There’s no way I’m paying $30-$40 for a new mxul3 when the 802 was only $50 on sale! I thought of getting a similar Yamaha mixer, but I can’t I justify that when I’m supposed to be getting Christmas presents, and the 802 is perfectly fine. Cussing with the soldering iron it is!

  32. Pawel says:

    I am very happy I have found your post. Just have become a jolly owner of XENYX 1002… without any power supply unit:) And don’t want to spend for it more I have paid for mixer:) In manual I’vr got it statest the MX3 PSU gives 2 x 18,5~v. That’s all. Not a word about 3V.
    Musical equipment uses AC external power supplies very often. Any supplied voltage must be filtered inside the device anyway to eliminate noises, interferences and so on, so current rectifier, stabilizer and filters are just built-in.
    Now I know how to connect power wires to pins in plug.

    • Geoff says:

      After I wrote that reply, I took the unit apart to check to see if there was any chance it could be battery-operated, and the answer’s NO!
      The power supply is simply a 36vAC centre-tapped transformer (the 3v o/p noted in my previous post, is not used in this unit). The two 18v lines are full-wave rectified inside the mixer unit using a standard bridge circuit to provide about +/-22vDC which is then regulated to +/-15v, and that’s what generates the heat. The +/-15v provides a balanced supply for all the lo-noise op-amps which comprise the guts of the mixer, an optimum design, and one which is likely common to all the XENYX mixers, each with more repetitions of the XLR input circuitry. This is a lot of electronics for the price, with at least 10 dual lo-noise op-amps in the little unit, maybe more, and many lo-noise, hi-reliability controls, several stereo. But it’s never going to run from a pair of 9v batteries!!

  33. Geoff says:

    Hi SunKing2! (hope that’s the first poster’s name) I just unpacked a 503 mixer with this PwrSy, and checked your figures: all true, I think! The 3V o/p is a 5mm coax female socket located beside the mains input interface.
    I was interested in your work connecting two mixers together: which pwrsy pins (18vac) did you use? I want to run this mixer from a battery, and if the mixer circuitry will support it (without ground loops), it may be the same battery I’m using to power a PA (100W car stereo amp) driven from a single 12v 7AH gel cell. What I want to do may not be possible without additional eqpt, which I’ll build if needed,
    Would be interested in further discussion!

  34. jose hernandez says:


  35. MIGUEL ANAYA says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Hi.. i found a XENYX 802 at a friends house, he never used it, its the kind of thing that appears at home and you dont really know how.. anyways, the power supply is missing, how should i know what voltage or which power supply to get??

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