Installing Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 2

I installed Arch Linux on my new Raspberry Pi following these install instructions.

What to expect when the Raspberry PI 2 is booting

  • While trying to boot,  if no lights are blinking, it means the PI is not booting.
  • Red light is always on for power
  • Blinking green light twice then…
  • Alternating blinking of red and green light then…
  • Then network port lights go on and that’s a good sign!

Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 2

  • My charger is pretty much the same as many phone chargers
  • cable on charger has a USB large end and a USB small end.
  • Plug one end into the computer, the other into my PI.  Works fine.

My Problems with installing Arch Linux was a 32MB Sandisk

  • My 32GB Sandisk  attempt at booting was just showing a green light and a disturbing red light.
  • I found the lack of a light on the network port to be very peculiar
  • I expected a network light to be on regardless, as I often see a light on the Network card on my PC when it’s switched off.
  • But I was wrong.  The network light requires a system that is ALREADY BOOTED.
  • Also the DISTURBING RED LIGHT is supposed to ALWAYS BE ON,  as long as there is power.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t booted yet, are booting, or have done booting, it’s always on.
  • The green light is SUPPOSED TO GO OFF once it is booted.
  • I replaced my 32 GB Sandisk with a 4 GB slower Sandisk, and followed Arch linux instructions (see first line of this posting), and it worked FIRST TIME!

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