How to get networking on VirtualBox for ArchLinux

You just installed ArchLinux on Virtualbox, and ping doesn’t work.  Here is the fix:

It worked when you booted up the system from the install medium.  Then you installed, and rebooted, and, no network.   😦

dmesg | grep bps

shows on the left, the name of the module for networking,  and the name of the ‘eth0’ type thing.  You were expecting eth0?  Nope.  here , have a look:

dmesg | grep eth0

yup, it was renamed.

#  here is the fix for virtualbox networking!!!!! (do after rebooting)

systemctl start  dhcpcd.service
ping  # success, yay!

Now if that worked, you are done.  If not, try this:

# this will always work upon rebooting:
/usr/sbin/dhcpd enp0s3

This worked?  Share the luv, and leave a comment!  Thanks for reading 🙂


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