Elm fix cannot find module ‘Http’.

Here’s how to fix error cannot find module ‘Http’ in elm:

You are using the “Introduction to Elm” at guide.elm-lang.org, the Http section.   You are getting this error:

I cannot find module ‘Http’.

Module ‘Main’ is trying to import it.

Potential problems could be:
* Misspelled the module name
* Need to add a source directory or new dependency to elm-package.json


Here’s what it doesn’t tell you:

You need to import it in the following way.  Pay close attention to #1!!!!!

  1. Go to the folder containing elm-package.json
  2. $ elm package install elm-lang/http

The secret is to be in the project’s folder (that is what is in step #1.

If this doesn’t work, do

  1. Go to folder containing elm-package.json
  2. $ rm -r elm-stuff
  3. $ elm package install elm-lang/http

If this was helpful, share the luv, write me a comment with a thanks 🙂





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