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Second JSF Tutorial with Eclipse, Tomcat

Using JSF with Eclipse, we create a java class used to navigate to a second xhtml page and also create that second xhtml page. Previous tutorial was here Modify the index.xhtml to include this the code as listed below. Create page2.xhtml in … Continue reading

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First JSF tutorial with Eclipse Neon, Tomcat 9

In eclipse, Window/Show View/Servers If you have a working Tomcat in Eclipse, go to step 6. Download and unzip Tomcat 9 anywhere on your computer. If this is a new Eclipse and no Tomcat is already in the Servers tab … Continue reading

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Depression, Procrastination and Putting One Foot In Front of the Other

Not motivated?  Waiting to feel up to it?  Plagued by doubts? Maybe, I just have to do it anyway.  Sometimes I just have to show up, it seems, and do the task at hand, regardless of how I feel. View … Continue reading

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Depression Paradoxes: Isolation

Last night, I was reading something on the self-defeating things we do when we have depressive episodes.  Today’s topic is isolating; one of the several things we do which seem to be contradictory to our desired outcome.  I don’t know … Continue reading

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How To Read The Contents of Program Memory using AVR Assembler

A program which reads itself using the LPM instruction. Why? What Do Instructions Look Like in the AVR Microcontroller In the days of Commodore 8 bit computers, I created a little assembler/disassembler program.  So I was driven to know exactly … Continue reading

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Brokerage Fees, GST, Duties, Customs, Taxes to Canada

Shipping Raspberry PI from Hong Kong to Canada with no Brokerage Fees NONE!  None whatsoever.  No hidden charges, no brokerage fees, no charges asked by the post office, no GST, nothing. I bought my PI 2 from and paid $57.43CDN, exactly … Continue reading

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Installing Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 2

I installed Arch Linux on my new Raspberry Pi following these install instructions. What to expect when the Raspberry PI 2 is booting While trying to boot,  if no lights are blinking, it means the PI is not booting. Red light is always … Continue reading

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