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JPA in Eclipse and MySQL. Simple example: Main program to write and read a database table

I show you how to create a JPA program in Eclipse accessing a simple MySQL Employee table. A main method writes a new record to that table, then retrieve all records. No internet drivers, no web server stuff, no Java … Continue reading

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Installing Eclipse with Java 9. Minimum barebones Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. Fast. Eclipse Oxygen 1a

Eclipse IDE is slow. Java 9 is now supported by Eclipse Oxygen. I show you how to install a minimum version of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, without the bloat, and fast!!! This tutorial: is NOT for Eclipse beginners, … Continue reading

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JPA Eclipse Tutorial using EclipseLink

This tutorial will create an object called Employee, save it to a database using JPA and Eclipse. It requires downloads as mentioned in steps 1 and 2, and another download while creating the project, in step 16. 1. Download Eclipse … Continue reading

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How to make Tomcat6 work with Ubuntu 10.04 and Eclipse

You installed Tomcat the legal way. But making it work with Eclipse? Tough. Here’s the solution. Continue reading

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EL in JSP not working in Eclipse Google App Engine?

How to make Eclipse use JSP EL (Expression Language) Continue reading

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